Quick Fixes to Revamp a Bathroom

Moisture and heat can quickly deteriorate your washroom fittings and cover them in grime and rust. To solve this problem, we present to you some of our quick fixes to revamp a bathroom on budget. Bathrooms are the one place in your house that can begin to look old and dirty a lot sooner than other spaces of your home. Moisture, heat, and human waste can quickly deteriorate your washroom fittings and cover them in grime and rust. You will be surprised at how fast your newly remodeled washroom loses its glamor and shine within just a few months of frequent use.
It can be time consuming and costly to keep reconstructing your washrooms after every two years or so. After all, washroom fittings like toilet bowls, bathtubs, showers, and tiles can be quite expensive especially if you decide to upgrade them each time.
In homes where the bathrooms are combined with a changing area, the cost of remodeling could be twice as high because very soon you will realize that the wardrobe in your changing area no longer matches your bathroom furnishings.
At this point, however, we would like to put your mind at ease and tell you that it doesn’t always have to be this expensive or this extensive. A bathroom that is both, gorgeous and practical doesn’t always have to be costly. So, let’s dive right into it as we introduce you to some quick fixes to revamp a bathroom.

1.  Use Glass Panels to Separate The Toilet From The Shower Area

Just using a shower curtain is not enough. The moisture and heat from the shower can quickly damage your washroom fittings, painted walls and tiles. Therefore, we recommend that you separate your shower area from your toilet and wash basin.
This can be done by installing glass panels or glass blocks. All the heat and moisture will be contained within. Like this, you can also save your bathroom floor from turning into a puddle, every time you take shower.

2.  Install a New Mirror

Let’s be real, we can all be a little vain sometimes. We all have those days when we practice our acceptance speech, dance moves, best smile in front of our bathroom mirror. The privacy of a bathroom can unleash the crazy side of us. We sing, we act, we dance, we do all sorts of silly stuff in the seclusion of our bathroom. But to enjoy it all, we need a good mirror.
The right mirror will also help your bathroom look modern and spacious. You can choose from a wide variety of walled mirrors, or mirrored cabinets to revamp your bathroom. It could be frameless, or with an elegant stainless-steel frame, the selection is completely up to you.

3.  Paint it A Fresh Color

The bathroom is a place where we can finally be alone for some time. Remember that feeling of submerging yourself in the warm water of your bathtub after a long, hard day? That can be the magic of a well-designed bathroom.
Use colors that will make you feel refreshed. Bright colors can liven up your bathrooms. If you decide to keep your sanitary fittings white, then we recommend taking a little liberty with flashy colors for your walls. Shades of blue, orange, green and yellow can be uplifting for a bathroom.

4.  Light It Up

Bathrooms are always supposed to have good lighting especially if it is the same place that works as your vanity room. You need proper lighting to fix your makeup and hair. Men need good lighting to shave. Therefore, it is important that your washroom is well lit.
We recommend using fancy LED lights or energy savers instead of fluorescent tubes because the light intensity of LED lights is stronger and energy savers are cost-effective.
There are a lot of other quick fixes to revamp a bathroom, but we shall discuss them in our next blog post. For more exciting ideas on home improvement, be sure to follow our blogs. You can get in touch with us here to learn more about home improvement solutions.

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