Tips to Brighten Up a Dark Basement

Having a big, wide basement can really add to the place. However, since they do not have windows to let the natural light in, they can be dark and off-putting. You can spruce up your basement to add value to your house. One way to do this is by using bright lights and illuminated corners to really help brighten up your basement. 

Following are some tips to help you through the process:

  • Change the Paint 

Basements can be dark and dingy because of their dull paint and shady corners. Repaint your basement and change its inner wooden theme. Choose a bright color to give a refreshing look to your dark basement. 

Painting it white with bright yellow hues can really alter the look of the place and make it look bright. 

  • Use Shiny Surfaces

Using shiny, reflective surfaces can make all the difference! Get a sliding door for your basement with a mirror surface. The light will then reflect through the glass, making the basement look shinier and bigger in size.  

You can install a shiny ceiling as well. This way, the bright hues of walls will reflect across the entire space, which will help in brightening up space. 

You can also incorporate other shiny, reflective surfaces in your basement to make it look inviting. Glass tiles and countertops work like magic in this regard. Use large wall mirrors and shiny vases to add to the place. You can also utilize shiny metal frames to decorate the walls of the basement. 

  • Introduce Natural Lighting

Most basements do not have sufficient space to let the natural light in. However, you can spruce up the space to really let the sun work its magic. After all, nothing compares to natural lighting (just ask any photographer)!

Install wide windows and new frames to let the sunlight in. Egress windows work best in this regard. You can also use light window coverings instead of drapes and coveralls to let the natural light in. 

  • Work on the Ceiling

Most ceilings in basements are very low, due to which they look dingy and dark. Low ceilings make it difficult to brighten up the place. They limit the exposure of light, making your basement look confined and dark.

Try to recreate the ceiling higher to give your basement a more open, welcoming look. As mentioned earlier, you can add a mirrored effect to your basement ceiling. These reflective surfaces ensure that sunlight (or even artificial light) spreads in the entire basement. 

Final Word

You can easily brighten up your basement by using the aforementioned tips. Make sure that your basement has enough exposure to the sun. Cut and scrape all the plants that might hinder the process, and use a coat of paint that lets more light reflect in the room. These tips will help you brighten up the space without taking a heavy toll on your pockets.

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