Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Meta description: If you’re thinking about renovating your home, keep reading to find out some of the most common home renovation mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them.

Home renovations can be a real pain. The often go on for months, you have to keep increasing your budget and you feel like you’ve been kicked out of your own home. Just to see your house turned upside down can be a somewhat traumatic experience. Moreover, if it is a full house renovation, the contractor may advise you to pack your bags and live somewhere else while they try to get your house back in shape.

It can also be quite the struggle to renovate a home when you have little kids. They don’t understand, they won’t listen, and they keep asking you why their playroom or bedroom is out of bounds.

When so much goes into renovating your home, your only expectation is for it to look right when it is all done and dusted. But it will be a horror if we tell you that quite often, that is hardly the case. Even after spending thousands of dollars and months at stretch, many homeowners are not happy with the result.

It is our job to save you from that horror. So, continue reading as we reveal to you some of the common home renovation mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them.

Not Hiring a Trusted Contractor

Many a time we feel that we have the right resources and knowledge to renovate our house on our own. Maybe we know a few friends who have remodeled, redesigned, or renovated their homes earlier and because it worked out perfectly for them, we assume it will work for us too. Wrong! You are absolutely wrong to assume that.

Every house is different. Every house has its unique needs. You should hire an experienced contractor that will thoroughly examine and inspect your house before he/she suggests renovation and repair work. They have been in the business for years so place your trust in them. When they tell you that the problem with plumbing is not in the bathroom, but rather in the basement, they are right. If you refuse to listen to them and start uprooting your bathroom, very soon you will realize that it was an effort gone to waste. The problem indeed was in the basement and that’s where you should invest your time and money.

Keeping a Fixed Budget

Always be flexible when you are planning the budget for your home renovation. Even if you have done the market survey, know exactly what needs fixing and how much will it cost you, you are bound to go over the budget. It is basic science. Only when you break a few things apart and uncover those loose floorboards or wallpapers, you will discover the real damage. These additional jobs can take months to complete. You will have to pay laborers their daily wages and all the new material that you will have to buy will be an additional cost.

We recommend that while planning your budget, always keep a margin of 20%. In case something does come up you will be mentally and financially prepared to deal with it.

Not Being Vocal About Your Taste

From day one, you must tell your contractor, designer and serviceman exactly what you want. It is your house after all. It should match your taste. Don’t let others impose their ideas on you. If you don’t like a suggestion made by your contractor, designer or serviceman, immediately say so and discuss alternatives. If you are not going to be adamant about your personal taste and expectations, then the end result will be something that will mortify you. You will hate the sight of your home and feel completely out of place. So, when you don’t like something say it and keep asking questions until you are completely satisfied. It is your house, take ownership.

We hope you found our blog post on the most common home renovation mistakes to be an informative read. If you are considering renovating your house, then please feel free to contact us here.

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